15 Weird and Awesome Facts about Iceland

Are Icelandic People weird?

Iceland is similar to any other country where there are some peculiar things about it and the people living in it.

On a recent trip to Iceland, I tried to ask foreigners who were visiting Iceland what they found awesome or weird in Icelsn. Read to know what they found weirdest and awesome.

In Iceland, babies are left outside to nap in freezing temperatures. You should not be surprised to see prams parked in rows outside coffee shops. This started in the 20th century when for a long time indoor sleeping conditions were not suitable for overcrowded living conditions had poor air circulation. Homes had smoke from cooking and were muggy. Now in homes parents construct a ledge which is safe to make the babies sleep. The babies are obviously wrapped and covered in a tent-like pram with the parents always watching them from a distance or with baby alarms.

Do you know Icelandic Turf Houses started getting built 1000 years back due to difficult climate? These houses offer superior Insulation and are made of wood and stone – most easily available in the country.

In Iceland on Christmas books are exchanged and the rest of the night is spent in reading. Icelanders usually go to bed with a book and chocolate. Iceland is known to publish books only during Christmas Season – called ólabókaflóð or the Christmas Book Flood. Iceland publishes more per capita books than any other country in the world. The love of books was born out of scarcity when during world War II Icelanders were restricted and lacked currency to buy foreign products.

Iceland capital Reykjavik has a penis museum that contains a collection of penises belonging to 200 plus mammals – including one from man.

Icelanders love eating ice-cream even when it is freezing and chilled outside and temperatures are below zero degree. What fun to eat ice cream when it is freezing.

Parliament in Iceland called Alpingi was founded in 930. It is the oldest parliament in the world.

Good news for beer lovers in Iceland or traveling to Iceland. Beer was illegal in Iceland till 1989.

Icelandic people are very fond of outdoor hot tubs and swimming pools as they are filled with geothermal water warmed up for relaxing or just playing around.

Every four years Iceland has volcanic eruptions that are small yet magnificent if you see them from a distance.

There are no mosquitoes in Iceland due to extreme weather conditions. The mosquitoes if any never bite as they barely able to survive.

There is no railway in Iceland whatsoever.

Comedian Jon Gnarr was elected as Mayor of Reykjavik in the year 2010. He served for 4 years and promised in one of his campaigns that he would not fulfill any of his campaign’s promises.

The Icelandic Cops do not carry guns ever. There are two murders a year on an average. There has been one man shot by the police ever.

Icelanders do not keep surnames as a tradition. They use first names when they address each other – even their phone books have first names. To preserve the Icelandic language there is an Icelandic Naming Committee where any new name not accepted already has to be passed or rejected by the committee.

The word ‘geyser’ has its origin in Iceland great geyser called the Geysir in Haukadalur in South Iceland.

Do leave your comments below and tell us which fact according to you is the weirdest or most awesome!

As per people we met in Iceland the weirdest fact is about babies sleeping in the open.

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